New research has revealed the OnlyFans-obsessed counties in the UK! Herefordshire is the 7th most obsessed. 

The research, conducted by the team at Slingo, looked at the annual Google searches of each UK county to determine the most OnlyFans-obsessed region in the UK. The study also looked at the most OnlyFans-obsessed countries. 

The full study can be viewed here: 

The most OnlyFans-obsessed counties in the UK:

RankCountyNumber of annual Google searches per 10,000 people 
3Greater London6,487
7Herefordshire 5,391
10Lincolnshire 5,265

Cambridgeshire takes the top spot for the most OnlyFans-obsessed county in the UK, with 8,149 annual Google searches per 10,000 people. And it is easy to see why, with one couple making headlines, as they managed to clear their debt of ¬£10,000 in around six months using OnlyFans. 

In second place, is Dorset, which accumulated 6,843 annual Google searches for OnlyFans, per 10,000 people.

Dorset also has some OnlyFans news headlines. For example, Rebecca Goodwin has pledged to use her wealth from the app to buy houses in the area and rent them out at affordable prices, in a bid to help out low-income families.

In third place, is Greater London, with 6,487 searches annually for OnlyFans per 10,000 people.

There was recently an OnlyFans mural spotted down Brick Lane, with a QR code that allowed you to sign up for the site easily.

The study also looked at the countries that are searching the most for OnlyFans.

The most OnlyFans-obsessed countries: 

Rank CountryNumber of annual Google searches per 10,000 people 
1Australia 7,147
2Finland 6,422
3United States5,754
4New Zealand 4,511
5Canada 5,240
6Ireland 5,089
7United Kingdom 5,006
9Slovenia 3,274
10Norway 3,165

Australia comes out as the country with the highest number of searches relating to OnlyFans when calculated per 10,000 people.

Coming in second is Finland, with 6,422 annual Google searches per 10,000 people for OnlyFans-related content. 

In third place, we have the United States, which in terms of total search volume had 190.9 million annual Google searches for OnlyFans. However, per 10,000 people, this figure falls to 5,754 annually. The US has the biggest OnlyFans economy, with the highest number of users in the world and the most site traffic.