Some pubs and restaurants in Hereford have announced that they will only serve customers from Herefordshire when seated indoors, after many reported an influx of visitors from areas under stricter COVID-19 restrictions yesterday.

The Beefy Boys in Hereford issued the following update on their Facebook page:

“Just a reminder folks to please RESPECT YOUR TIER. Although Herefordshire is in Tier 1 we know we have lots of awesome visitors from further afield.

“If you are visiting us over the next few days from a higher tier please be aware that we can only seat mixed households on an inside table if you are currently living in Herefordshire in Tier 1.

“If you are visiting from a Tier 2 area we will still be able to seat mixed households on an outside table.

“Please don’t be offended if we ask where you are travelling from or ask for proof of address, we’re just doing our best to keep you and ourselves as safe as possible, and Herefordshire in Tier 1.

“Hope to see you soon!”

The Spread Eagle have also released the following update:

“What a day yesterday. We would like to thank everyone who came into The Spread and understood the rules and guidelines we had in place, we really do appreciate it guys!

“Unfortunately we did have a few that didn’t understand the rules and we did deal with them straight away. The staff worked were amazing and did a fantastic job in keeping our customers and others safe.

“With Herefordshire being in Tier 1 and us as a business wanting to stay in that tier. We will be changing it up, If you are not known to management/staff then you may be required to provide proof of address to show where you are travelling from. Unfortunately if you cannot provide this or if your postcode is not from Herefordshire then you will not be allowed to drink/dine with us. We will have posters around the front of the pub and before you walk in. We are not doing this to be petty or silly, we are doing this for the safety of our customers, staff and our business.

“We do hope all of you understand and you all keep safe in this week leading up to Christmas. We want to keep Herefordshire in Tier 1.