We’ve spoken to Hereford Businessman Steve Harrison regarding the Tier 2 restrictions that will be imposed on Herefordshire from 2nd December.

Steve owns several pubs and bars in Hereford and feels that the restrictions imposed and help offered makes it more difficult for some than it does others due to the ‘one fix for all’ approach the government has taken.

“The ongoing restrictions imposed on the hospitality industry are painful, we happily accept them if the outcome is that COVID is held at bay and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“Our business models are more about social drinking, sports and late night entertainment. So – opening with any tier is difficult.
Especially tier 2 when simply the main reason for your visit to a licenced premises has to be for a substantial meal, not the wine or beer you may have with it.

“The fairness of the rules and help have been controversial since the first lockdown. Depending on your business model or size reflects on how your trade has progressed through the extensive restrictions and lockdowns.

“A grant system based on rates that is a one fix for all does not work. A simpler equation would have been on VAT returns quarterly. Based on previous figures, HMRC would be able to see who’s lost and who’s benefited and then focus on helping businesses with the most need and in turn equate to a reduced central government spend.”