Amy Yemm from Hereford took part today in her first ever fashion shoot. The event took place at Deja Vu and was organised by Chelsea Assell from Effortless Elegance.

Chelsea told us “I’m from Watford and want to bring diversity to my brand, we shoot with lots of middle aged women, we also supply wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy, and I want my brand be worn by everybody, my friend Chelsea Ruby used to live in Hereford, so she suggested we host the photo shoot in the city”

Chelsea Ruby added “We wanted to relaunch the brand and wanted to encourage different types of models, we want to makes changes and moves to a very tight and stereotypical industry I put a shoutout on Social Media and was put in contact with Amy”

Amy’s mum Pauline was delighted her daughter was chosen “My cousin saw on Social Media that they were after a model and they put Amy’s name forward, she loves clothes and makeup, she’s really in to her fashion and loves watching soap operas, she loves programmes like Made in Chelsea and The only way is Essex”

Rose Mazulu from Rose’s Salon was involved in the hair styling “It’s great to support anything in Hereford which helps the community, it’s a fantastic thing for Amy to experience. I’ve been living here for 20 years now and love doing things like this”

Amy who is aged 34 was photographed in different types of wigs and enjoyed her day. Amy told Your Herefordshire “I feel brilliant when they put the make up on me. I loved the different colours of hair I had on. I love fashion and love watching the women on TV looking beautiful”