The Hereford City Centre Improvement Project is set to cost £6 million, with various works, including improvements to the Widemarsh Street kerbs and a proposed cycle contraflow system on St Owen Street set to be two of the biggest projects.

A large amount of the money has already been spent, with an estimated amount of £570,000 spent on new planters for the City Link Road and £30,000 spent on two green cycle shelters that will be located in Gaol Street car park in the city.

CCTV in the city will be improved / replaced at a cost of £60,500. This is likely to be welcomed, with Hereford’s CCTV team constantly working hard all hours of the day to keep residents of the city safe when visiting the city centre.

Plans for a Cathedral and River Wye Quarter are set to cost around £340,000. This is an area of the city that has lacked major investment for several years. The city’s market and event infrastructure will also be improved at a cost of £30,500.

Trees will be planted throughout the city centre on various streets. Around £320,000 will be spent on city trees, with £362,000 set to be spent on further city greening measures. Up to £243,000 could be spent on installing public art throughout the city. The management costs of delivering the Hereford City Centre Improvements project is estimated to be around the £582,000 mark.

Description of project cost – Total Cost including VAT if applicable

High Existing Enhancements – £572,407.00
High Town Area Minor Works – £211,642.00
Market and event infrastructure – £30,500.00
CCTV – £60,500.00
Façade improvement grants/Business Grants – £500,000.00
Cathedral & River Wye Quarter Design – £340,000.00
St Owen St Cycle Contraflow – £700,000.00
Widemarsh St kerb Improvements – £715,000.00
Cathedral & River Wye Quarter Planters – £262,500.00
City Link Road Planters – £570,191.00
City Greening – £362,000.00
City Trees – £320,000.00
City Green Cycle Shelters – £30,000.00
Public Art/Installations – £243,000.00
Hostile Vehicle Movement – £500,000.00
HCCI Project Management Costs – £582,260.00

From the Marches LEP:

A £6m project which includes £3m Getting Building Fund to refurbish the historic core of Hereford through investment in the streetscape with high quality materials and consistent soft and hard landscaping.

This scheme will increase footfall and the economic potential of businesses, improve active travel opportunities and air quality and increase private investment in property, providing a modern city centre environment.

The project will bring benefits to the public realm in the historic core of the city centre, including the High Town area and the adjoining Cathedral and River Wye Quarter with improvements to paving, street furniture, landscaping and street trees and public art.

The project will create 90 new jobs and support the development of 100 housing units.