West Mercia Police have issued an alert or residents in Malvern, following reports of Nottingham Knockers going from door to door in the town.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“This afternoon PC Olczak and PCSO Tudge responded to reports of a Nottingham Knocker going door to door in the Court Road area of Malvern.

“The male was quickly located in the area, his details were obtained, property seized, along with a large amount of cash and due to the male not holding a pedlars licence he has been reported for summons.

“It is known that Nottingham Knockers can cause alarm to the vulnerable and elderly within our community and are also known to become aggressive on the door step.

“We would like to thank members of the public for calling the Police, which enabled us top act in a timely manner as this helps us deter Nottingham Knockers from coming to Malvern.”

More information on Nottingham Knockers:

These people may often offer household cleaning products for sale from rucksacks or suitcases.

Please be vigilant, do not purchase anything and never hand over cash on your doorstep.

If you feel threatened, close the door and contact police.

Always ensure your property is fully secure.

The items offered are often of low quality and advertised at inflated prices.

The “sales pitches” can also be part of a wider operation to identify burglary targets.

Those involved may claim to be part of rehabilitation schemes and could produce ID cards – these are entirely false and have no legal bearing.

Never buy anything from these people and report them to police.