Article from Hereford in Bloom:

Hereford in Bloom have been battling with Highways England over the last 3-4 years now to come up with a solution to improving the Pizza Hut roundabout.  This area of town is one of the main entries into Hereford town centre for visitors, so what sort of impression does it set when they drive around it in it’s current state.  The verge is constantly churned up by HGVs’s and the top is smoothed in 5ft weeds.  Obviously, Hereford in Bloom want to improve the roundabout with maybe wildflowers a sculpture and shrubs that will stop weeds growing and will require little maintenance in the future.  

Unfortunately, everything that HIB propose to Highways England is thrown back, giving the impression that they don’t care and don’t want to improve the look of the roundabout.

Come on Highways England, we are fed up with excuses and are willing to work with you and work on a solution for this very unsightly roundabout. 

It would benefit Hereford in Bloom and the city, if members of the public could write to their local councillor to highlight this problem.