Four men have been charged with theft and criminal damage offences following an incident in Herefordshire.

The incident occurred in the Bromyard area. 

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police (Bromyard Safer Neighbourhood Team) said:

“On Friday 8th March four men were charged with Theft and Criminal Damage offences after arrests at an address in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

“Callum Harding, 22 and  Zac Biddle, 24 of Openfields in Bromyard along with Travis Easdale, 19 of Cheaton Close in Leominster were charged with Theft.  

“Declyn Mellings, 23 of Openfields in Bromyard was charged with Theft and Criminal Damage.

“There were 12 charges in total and relate to the Bromyard Household Recycling Centre.”