A Hereford resident has set up a petition for stricter rules to be imposed for hit-and-run incidents that involve cats.

Russell Gilbert and his family have been left devastated after their family cat was hit by a car in the Hewitt Avenue area of Hereford on Saturday.

This has left them determined to make a positive change in the rules that drivers have to follow when they hit a cat.

Currently there is no law that requires you to stop after hitting a cat on the road. 

A post on the petition page set up by Russell said:

“Our family recently experienced a tragedy that no pet owner should ever have to endure.

“Our beloved cat, Mr J, was hit by a car. The driver did not stop, leaving our fur baby alone and lifeless on the side of the road. 

“This devastating incident has left our family heartbroken and has highlighted an urgent need for change.

“Mr J wasn’t just a cat; she was part of our family. She was Lily’s first pet at our house, along with her sister Luna and son Gizmo.

“We cherished her, loved her, cared for her and gave her the best possible life after adoption.

“Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. According to Cats Protection UK (2016), around 230 thousand cats are hit by vehicles on UK roads each year – that’s nearly 630 every day! 

“Yet there are no specific laws in place to protect these innocent creatures or hold drivers accountable when they fail to stop after hitting them.

“We believe it is time for this to change. We call upon lawmakers to implement stricter laws regarding hit-and-run incidents involving cats – laws that will ensure drivers are held accountable if they fail to stop and report such accidents.

“This won’t bring back Mr J or any other beloved pets lost in similar circumstances but it can help prevent future tragedies from occurring and provide some justice for those already affected.

“Please sign this petition today and join us in advocating for better protection of our feline friends on the roads.”

Petition Link – https://www.change.org/p/implement-stricter-laws-for-hit-and-run-incidents-involving-cats