A family in Hereford was left stunned and terrified after an object smashed through their front window.

At approximately 7.30pm on Saturday, a family on Church Road in Hereford were shocked after what appears to be part of a car suspension smashed through their front window.

Sophie Thompson-Snell told Your Herefordshire:

“We live on Church Road in Tupsley and on Saturday evening just after 7.30pm an object came flying through our bay window into our living room.

“Obviously we were in huge shock and called 999 straight away, assuming someone had maliciously done this. We have now discovered the object in question is a sheared off piece of suspension spring from a car.

“We believe that this was caused by one of the several pot holes on the road, which I have previously reported.

“The driver in question probably has no idea of the damage caused and how very dangerous it almost was so we don’t blame them at all.”