We awoke to some fantastic news this morning, the young nannie kid that was taken from Wynnes of Dinmore has been returned and is now back with its mother!

There was serious concerns over the health of the young kid and whether it would be able to survive for long without its mother, but staff from Wynnes of Dinmore were overjoyed to find out that it had been returned.

A spokesperson for Wynnes of Dinmore told Your Herefordshire:

“We can not believe it but at some point in the night, this little lady was returned to us.

“Luckily her tummy was full and she was in good health but nothing warmed our hearts more than seeing her reunited with her mother.

“We thank everyone involved with getting this little lady back to us. We are still in shock and disbelief that she’s home with her mother and the people who love her dearly.

“We are overwhelmed by the support we have been shown by our friends at Your Herefordshire, local media, West Mercia Police and of course the people of Herefordshire and surrounding areas for sharing our post far and wide raising awareness about the missing nanny kid.

“We cannot thank everyone involved enough with getting this little lady back to us.

“Massive thanks and eternal gratitude from all at Wynnes.”