A councillor in Hereford has shared her concern over teenagers drinking and revving their engines in a local car park.

Councillors Ann-Marie Probert shared the following message on Facebook earlier:

“It was brought to my attention during canvassing by the residents who live around the carpark leading to Belmont Park that it is frequently used by teenage groups hanging around in their cars revving their engines and drinking.

“The few that I spoke to would like the gates to be locked between certain hours of the night. After a meeting last week I found out that there is a lockable gate there already. It’ never been used and could be used to lock the gate between 10pm and 6pm, but this is out of Council/Balfour Beatty hours so it is looking like it’s not something they can do.

“An option is to get a group of people who live in the surrounding area to join together on a rota to take turns in opening and closing the gate themselves.

“I will visit people in the area to discuss this more.”