‘Assaults on officers should not be accepted’, West Mercia Police Federation branch chair calls for tough sentencing.

‘Offenders must get the toughest possible sentence’, says branch chair Steve Butler, just days after three West Mercia Police officers were attacked while on duty.

The three cops, who were plain-clothed at the time, were on night-time patrol during the Easter weekend when they were assaulted having intervened to stop a disturbance.

While two of the officers received minor injuries, the other is in a serious but not life-threatening condition.

“Being assaulted is not – and should not be accepted as – part of the job but unfortunately it is becoming far too common,” says Steve.

“I was disgusted and saddened to hear of such horrific events taking place across the Easter weekend. Not only have these officers been physically assaulted but the impact this will have on their mental health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated.

“It’s not right that our members are leaving their loved ones and worrying that they might be assaulted by a member of the public – the very people they are working tirelessly to protect.

“Tougher sentences are required for those who assault officers. Our members and the public need to see that assaults on officers have consequences and will not be tolerated.

“My thoughts are with the officers who were involved in the incident at the weekend, as well as their loved ones who have undoubtedly also been impacted by the attack.”

The Federation will provide the officers with any support necessary now and in the future, during their recovery.

“May I take this opportunity to reassure members that the Federation is there for them if they have any concerns around their own safety on duty, or if they need support of any kind,” Steve ended.