Lauren Henderson from Hereford tragically lost her son Logan last year.

The Logansaurus Trust will be providing ongoing support to families and children in the local area.

Lauren told Your Herefordshire

“My 10 year old boy Logan died on the 6th of May 2023 from a short, aggressive brain tumor which there was no hope of survival he was diagnosed on the 14th November 2022. We had to live each day to the full without showing our little boy the pain and future he had to come. Since my Son has died the hardest thing is to not join him where ever he is.

We received support from Acorns children’s hospice and Birmingham Children’s hospital but there was nothing in our local area and nothing after the hours of 9- 5, no counselling available, no one to speak too when the evenings draw in when the pain is escalated, when it is usually family time.

After the traumatic and excruciating loss of my only child, I have been wanting to assist other families within the local and surrounding area and eventually grow to support families across the nation. To start this I have written a children’s book to allow families a way of coping with the loss of a beloved friend which I hope will be available through your kind donations publicly; Logans Star.

Logan was a kind and loving child he would not want to see any one hurt, he donated toys and coloring that had been gifted to him which he then gifted on and taking this in to account I believe he would want me to help others and do what I can to ensure people do not feel alone.

Why are asking for your support? we are setting up the Logansaurus fund. This fund will help pay for rent of a room where parents can meet to offload, cry, rant or even just be held; they will have access to free professional counselling, support with paperwork like benefits, finding help and funding to create dreams and last wishes for family memories or funeral arrangements. We want to be able to provide a safe network for parents and families who understand the most difficult aspects of daily life. The money will pay for the publishing of the book and if you want a copy please contact. We want your support to allow parents to receive intensive and crucial care from the lead up or after a child passes. You will never understand the greatest loss until you have lived it and I can promise life is never the same and the heartache never goes away but we can show an understanding ear a safe space the love and care to those that need it”

You can donate by clicking the below link Crowdfunding to Support for Parents and Families with the loss of a Child. on JustGiving