A member of the public has issued an appeal on social media, after a BMW, mountain bikes and several other items were stolen from a Herefordshire property.

The post, that was then shared by Fownhope Village said:

From Jane Yule –

“Our house on the Woolhope Rd was broken into last night (Tuesday) while we were away and a black BMW stolen from the drive. 

“Several mountain bikes, an off road motor bike and two electric bikes taken from the garage. 

“Garden shed padlock forced off and leaf blower taken.

“Thieves accessed the house by removing a cat flap in the back door and reaching up to unlock it.

“If anyone has information on a 67 plate grey vivaro at the top of Church Croft near the sheltered houses it will be helpful.

“Two suspiciously behaving men inside who hid away when being looked at. Possibility linked to our theft.

“They were there from at least 17:40 till at least 20:00 on the 25th June. 

“Call or message Jaine Yule on 07812 087762 if you can help. And of course make sure your own places are locked and secure.”