Trevor Hyde has been busy for months monitoring the levels of damaging phosphates in the River Wye in the Ross-on-Wye area.

What concerns Trevor the most is that 85.3% of samples exceeded the maximum permitted level for phosphate content, which is 0.03 parts per million. Most did so by a factor of four or five times above this level, and in one case the sample was 10 times higher than permitted. Only 5 samples (14.7%) met permitted levels.

Ross AC Chairman, Rob Leather said: “It’s no exaggeration to say that left unchecked, phosphate pollution, along with other threats like sewage discharge, pose a major risk to the sustainability of the Wye as one of the country’s most iconic angling venues and tourist destinations. 

“Unless there is decisive action taken to tackle this issue the river will continue to suffer, perhaps irretrievably. This cannot be allowed to happen, and Ross AC is committed to doing everything in its power to avoid that unthinkable outcome,” he added.

Source – Shocking results for River Wye phosphate pollution. – Ross on Wye Angling Club (