In the coming days, the United Kingdom will mark the one year anniversary of Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructing the public that they must ‘Stay at Home’ other than for essential purposes, as the UK plunged into a lockdown that would change the way we lived our lives.

With all social gatherings banned and the death toll from Coronavirus continuing to rise, the true extent of what we faced started to come to light, however during the first lockdown, we did have to be thankful for one thing and that was the glorious weather, which meant that going out for daily exercise was a delightful experience, rather than a chore.

Many people escaped to enjoy their gardens, they spoke to family and took advantage of video calling. However many struggled and have continued to struggle ever since. We can’t remember where the quote came from but ‘a lockdown in Spring, is very much different to a lockdown in Winter’ is certainly a feeling that many of us will have felt.

People rallied round to support those that needed shopping done for them or medical supplies. Many rallied round to support or volunteer for the NHS. Millions were raised thanks to the efforts of the amazing Sir Captain Tom Moore.

However, over 125,000 deaths have been recorded in the United Kingdom from COVID-19, a truly horrific number, with several hundred recorded in Herefordshire since March 2020.

Over the coming days, we’ll be looking back at the past twelve months. Got a story? Want to remember a loved one that’s been lost over the past twelve months? Want to share a story about someone that’s helped you? Please email Stefan at