A Leominster bar has applied for a licence variation that could see it remain open until 5am at the weekend.

Shooters Bar on Burgess Street in Leominster has applied to Herefordshire Council to have its licence changed after carrying out extensive work.

The application states the following:

Following the installation of approximately £10,000 worth of soundproofing (injection of sound insulating blown rockwool), the blanking off of former doorsand window apertures in the building, and an upgraded sound system to reduce bassand external vibration, our understanding is that there have been no further noise complaints.

Consequently the intention is to seek:

1.Live Music extended until 01:00hrs from Thursday to Saturday.

2.Recorded Music extended to 02:00 on Thursday & Sunday and 04:30hrs Friday & Saturday.

3. Late Night Refreshment extended to 02:30hrs Sunday to Wednesday, 03:00 on Thursday and 04:45hrs Friday & Saturday.

4. Sale of Alcohol to commence 09:00hrs every day to allow for occasional Darts and Snooker Tournaments.

5. Sale of Alcohol extended to 02:00hrs Sunday to Wednesday, 02:30hrs on Thursday and 04:30hrs Friday & Saturday.

6, Opening Hours of 09:00hrs to 02:30hrs Sunday to Wednesday, 03:00 on Thursday and 05:00hrs on Friday & Saturday.

All hours on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and Bank Holiday Weekend Sundays as per the usual Friday & Saturday.

The facility to screen occasional live sporting events outside standard hours.

The consultation will take place until 23rd February. More Details – Application to vary a premises licence Shooters, Leominster consultation ends 23 February 2022 (herefordshire.gov.uk)