Gaynor Holland from Hereford tragically lost her daughter Charlotte in July 2022.

She has started a petition to for the law to be changed so that individuals have a duty of care if they come across a person in a life threatening situation.

Gaynor told Your Herefordshire:

“This petition stems from a personal tragedy that has deeply affected our community.

‚ÄúMy daughter aged just 20-years-old was at a male’s home and tragically fell from his bedroom window.

“The incident was unwitnessed, and upon discovering her, the man left the property for approximately 30 minutes before returning to call an ambulance.

“This incident raises serious questions about responsibility and duty of care when someone dies under such circumstances.

“Currently, there is no legal obligation for individuals to provide immediate assistance or notify authorities promptly in such situations.

“This lack of legislation leaves room for negligence and delays that could potentially cost lives.

“According to World Health Organization statistics, timely intervention can significantly increase survival rates in cases of severe injuries (WHO). Yet our current laws do not enforce this crucial aspect of care.

“We propose a change in law that requires individuals present at the scene of an accident or injury leading to death to immediately contact emergency services. This law would establish a duty of care towards victims, ensuring they receive help as quickly as possible and holding those who fail this duty accountable.

‚ÄúThe loss of my daughter should never be repeated. By signing this petition, you are supporting the implementation of laws that promote responsibility and protect lives during critical moments.‚ÄĚ

You can sign the petition here -> Petition · Implement Laws to Establish Duty of Care in Fatal Incidents РUnited Kingdom ·