In March 2020 Bromyard based DJ Richie Palmer grew tired of watching the depressing news of events surrounding the COVID-19 Global pandemic and decided to find something else to occupy his time. In a flash of inspriration (and with his DJ equipment stored elsewhere) Bromyard FM was born! Fellow Bromyard DJ Nikki Ive joined him very shortly after and the rest is history!

Over the following days, they carved out the blueprint that we still follow to this day; to unite people of all ages and social backgrounds in one place with a mutual love of GREAT MUSIC.

Since launch the station has grown immensely adding 10 aditional presenters and specialist programming including Showtunes, Country & Americana, Rock, Alternative, Dance, Drum & Bass, Jazz & Blues and Reggae! These shows are presented by hosts who have both an extensive knowledge and an unbridled passion for their chosen genres.