This morning the owners of Dugan’s Patisserie located in Capuchin Yard of Church Street in the centre of Hereford arrived to find their front door glued shut by an unknown vandal.

This is not the first time. On Wednesday the 19th of December, one week after opening the shop for the first time, the vandal(s) struck. Glue was used to fill the locks and gap between the doors which required an emergency visit by a locksmith.

The following day, Thursday the 20th, silicone was used to fill the locks and the gap around the doors. The owners managed to enter the premises but had to pay a locksmith to remove and clean the locks.

After several weeks of relative peace, the patisserie was closed for the majority of the time, the vandal(s) struck again in the early hours of Thursday February the 7th.

The owners of Dugan’s Patisserie are in a state of utter disbelief at the unwarranted destruction of property. Because this is the company’s first venture in Hereford and has no issues with their other businesses the company believes they may be the victim of a jealous competitor who is unhappy with Dugan’s new patisserie in Hereford.

The incidents have been reported to West Mercia police.