A statement from Royal Glamorgan Hospital 👇


Temporary service restrictions to be put in place at Royal Glamorgan Hospital as part of strong action to respond to COVID-19 outbreak

Significant temporary service restrictions will be put in place at Royal Glamorgan Hospital from 2pm Wednesday September 30th as increased action is taken to contain a COVID-19 outbreak within the hospital.

Teams have been working at pace to take robust measures to manage the outbreak, however additional cases linked to transmission within the hospital have been confirmed in recent days.

As a result, and on the advice of Public Health Wales colleagues, the Health Board is taking a number of urgent and significant actions to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and communities.

These actions, which will be put in place as of 2pm tomorrow include:

• Temporary suspension of elective surgery (with the exception of a very small number of urgent cancer cases which have been clinically prioritised);

• Diversion of emergency admissions to other hospitals (with exception of children)

• Diversion of Welsh Ambulance Service (999)patients to other hospitals (with exception of children)

• There will be no change to the self-contained paediatric wards at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, they will remain open.

It has been extremely difficult for us to make these decisions and we are completely sympathetic with how the changes will impact on our patients and their families. However, ensuring the safety of our patients and staff is our priority and we believe this is the right course of action based on professional advice.

Please visit our website for details on this important update.