Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host a Press Conference from Downing Street at 4pm this afternoon, on the day that students returned to schools and colleges in England, as the country made the first steps forward on the roadmap out of lockdown.

COVID-19 infection rates are continuing to fall in most areas of the United Kingdom, with infection rates in Herefordshire now at the lowest they’ve been since the middle of October. The number of tests taking place on a daily basis also continues to rise, with the percentage of people testing positive continuing to fall.

Millions more tests are expected to take place over the coming weeks with students asked to complete COVID-19 tests on a regular basis to help limit the risk of further spread of the virus in the community.

Boris Johnson is also likely to be questioned further by the media on the 1% pay rise offer to NHS staff, with plenty of backlash over the weekend, including a protest in Manchester which saw the organiser fined £10,000 for breaching COVID-19 regulations.