Author and podcaster Ed Payne has returned back to Hereford after 20 years of living in the Capital. And now he’s back, he’s discovering the secrets of the city he left behind. Its hidden streets, and spooky pubs. The colourful characters, all with a story to tell. Ed’s beginning to realise that Hereford’s story might be more remarkable than he first thought.

In Terrorford; The Podcast, Ed explores some of the city’s most notorious myths and legends, putting some long unanswered questions to rest – for good.

Questions like:

Is the Black Lion really haunted?
What graveyards can we see from our bedroom windows?
What was the asylum in Burghill really like?
Are there murderers buried within the city walls?

And, rifling through the pages of history, so that you don’t have to, Ed and his friends head out across the county to track down the ghosts of Hereford’s past …. and the results could be terrifying.

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