Herefordshire contains the greatest area of woodland in the West Midlands and trees and woods are a key part of our county’s identity. Woodlands are vital habitat for much of our wildlife, provide wonderful green spaces for enjoyment and relaxation and are the ‘lungs of the earth’.

To celebrate our trees – and stress how important it is that we continue to value and care for them – Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have invited three fantastic speakers to share their thoughts at a fundraising evening at Hereford Town Hall on Friday 30th November.

Archie Miles is a well-known Herefordshire author and photographer. With an abiding passion for the British landscape, a natural progression over the last twenty years has seen him carve a specialist niche in the world of trees. He has written and photographed eight books on the subject and contributed images to many more books and publications. His latest work is “Ash”, a monograph celebrating the ash tree in the British landscape, before most of them are killed by ash dieback.

Rob McBride is an ancient tree specialist and self-styled “tree hunter”, searching for and recording veteran, heritage, and ancient trees, raising awareness and encouraging their protection.

Ecologist & landscape historian David Lovelace has a particular interest in the Herefordshire landscape, and takes full advantage of new technology such as digital mapping, aerial photography and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) to study our woodlands.

The evening will begin at 7pm with each speaker giving a short presentation before a chaired panel discussion to include questions from the floor, chaired by John Clark from Natural Resources Wales. The bar will be open throughout the evening, along with a pop-up shop.

There will also be a silent auction inviting bids for a limited edition signed copy of Archie Miles’ latest book ‘Treescape’ as well as a raffle packed with prizes from some of our best-loved Herefordshire brands including herbfarmacy, Westons Cider, The Nest – Ledbury, Eastnor Castle and Orchard Origins as well as a beautiful framed print from Arborealist artist Richard Bavin.

Advance booking is recommended; tickets are available from or call 01432 356872