Shell and Amy from Hereford will be braving the shave on Saturday 11th March, to help raise money for the wonderful Blackmarston School.

The decision comes after Shell received devastating news that her cancer diagnosis is terminal. 

In a post on the Just Giving website, Shell said:

“Hi everyone, as many of you know I battled cancer in 2020, and was given the all clear. 

“Fast forward to the Friday before Christmas just gone and at a routine three month cancer check my consultant found a 5cm lump.

“In the past 10 weeks there has been scans, bloods and biopsies and earlier this week I found out that not only was the cancer back, it is also terminal.

“I’m going to be starting chemotherapy in the next two weeks, which will hopefully shrink the tumour ,but not cure it.

“Me and my beautiful friend Amy have decided to do the brave for shave and remove the hair before the chemotherapy does.

“All the money raised will go to the most amazing Blackmarston Special School in Hereford. A school where two of my sons have attended along with Amy’s son.

“The brave the shave will be taking place at the Victory Pub in Hereford on Saturday 11th March at 7pm.

“More details will follow in the coming days but it would be lovely to see some support and faces.”

You can donate by visiting –