A museum in Hereford opened it’s doors for the first time in almost two years today, with visitors being encouraged to visit this historic part of Hereford.

The Coningsby Hospital Museum in Widemarsh Street Hereford reopened it’s doors to visitors today (Wednesday 28th July). A post on the museums Facebook page confirmed the news:

“Today is the first day we will be back open (11-3) since October 2019! We hope that some of you will be able to come back today and see our lovely museum and if you have time also explore the Ruins of the Blackfriars Priory just behind the museum. We don’t charge for entry but donations are always welcome.”

St John Medieval Museum and Coningsby Hospital, Hereford

Located in Widemarsh Street, just a short walk from the city centre, the St John Medieval Museum and and Coningsby Hospital is adjacent to the Blackfriars Rose Garden and the ruins of the Dominican Monastery.

Visitors can learn about the foundation of the Coningsby Red Coat Hospital, probably the model for The Chelsea Hospital in London, as well as exploring the 13th century Chapel, still used today by the Order of St John, and the Museum, which explains the links between the Crusades, the Knights Templar and The Hospitaller Knights.

The remains of Blackfriars Monastery are directly beside the museum and set within the Rose Garden is one of the last surviving examples of a stone Preaching Cross.

More information – Coningsby Hospital, Hereford