A number of residents in the rural market town of Kington have taken to social media to share their concerns over what appears to be a worrying increase in anti-social behaviour and crime in the area.

A few residents responded to a request from Your Herefordshire to share their views on policing and crime levels in the town.

When asked whether policing levels in the market town were good enough, local resident Lisa Blake told Your Herefordshire the following:

“Absolutely not – no fault of the police but budget cutting means there aren’t the resources to have the policing levels we clearly need. A big concern is that Kington is becoming a “dumping ground” for problem individuals and the drug problem is getting out of control – we risk becoming like Llandrindod Wells if something isn’t done and done quickly. I work hard, I pay my taxes and I expect to be able to live safely in this beautiful town.”

However, Iwan Rees didn’t quite share the same view and said:

“Kington and Llandrindod voted for a conservative government so complaining about a lack of funding and resources is a bit hypocritical! They are keeping to their promise of cutting public spending.”

Richard Colley said how he remembered when a public meeting was held in the past to discuss issues the town faced.

“A good few years ago a public meeting was held at the Burton to address a lot of these issues. The council, police and housing association were present but nothing was done then so maybe it’s time for a fresh look.”

Nath Dimbylow confirmed that he will be installing CCTV on the High Street to help reassure local residents.

“I’ll shortly be installing CCTV at the bottom end of the High Street at No. 53. I hope it’ll increase confidence and security until things improve, until then I feel it is necessary that criminals realise there is a strong community presence and anti-social behaviour will be stamped out. I’ll be happy to share for anyone that experiences any criminal activity that can help lead to prosecution.”

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