Herefordshire teenager Milo Gwilliam-Baulch has become the UK’s youngest pilot on his 17th birthday!

Aerohire Limited shared the news in a post on Facebook that said:

“We are immensely proud of our very own Milo Gwilliam-Baulch for collecting his licence today from the CAA on his 17th birthday. Officially making Milo the youngest licence holder in the UK.

“We are so proud of your immense achievement Milo and we cannot wait to see where you fly next and how you develop your flying career. Keep doing your thing and we are with you all the way.”

Milo, who was delighted with his achievement said:

“Pretty unbelievable that I’m the UK’s Youngest Pilot. Still sinking in! What a 17th Birthday. Thank you everyone for the support and birthday wishes.

“A huge thank you to Catherine for taking me to Gatwick to get my licence today and to George for coming to. Ryan you have got me here. Aerohire Limited and thank you to my family around me, Mick Baulch, Amber Baulch.”

Milo told Your Herefordshire:

“I started flying from the age of 9 (with my first lesson being at Shobdon). Then I began my lessons at 14 (when you can legally start logging them). I met my instructor Ryan, and started flying from Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport with Aerohire Flight Training.

“Then I did my first solo flight on my 16th birthday, again, the first legal time to do so.

“Then I completed my pilots licence skills test at the age of 16 too, and then made a special request with the UK Civil Aviation Authority to collect my licence on my 17th birthday (as it cannot be issued before that).

“They agreed and yesterday on my birthday I collected it, which makes me the youngest pilot in the UK.”