With Christmas officially two-months away, new research* from Aldi has revealed more than 1 in 3 (35%) Brits are worried about the cost of Christmas, and are planning to scale back celebrations this year due to rising costs.

The supermarket has found that 40% of Brits are planning to spend less on Christmas food compared to last year, while nearly 1 in 5 are planning to invite fewer people to the Christmas meal, with aunties and uncles topping the list of those most likely to be uninvited (15%), closely followed by mothers-in-law (12%) and fathers-in-law (11%).

The selfless among us (16%) said they were even considering uninviting themselves from Christmas, to save costs for friends and family.

In response to this and to ensure as many people as possible can celebrate Christmas to the fullest this year, Aldi has announced a ‘Christmas Price Lock’, which will see prices of key food staples including a range of whole turkey crowns, pigs in blankets, Christmas puddings, and festive vegetables remain the same as they were in 2022.

The Aldi Price Lock, which will be available in stores nationwide, could see a family of four enjoying their Christmas meal for less than £15**. What’s more, three of Aldi’s fresh turkey lines will be even cheaper than 2022 at just £3.75 per kg this Christmas.

The Price Lock comes as 2 in 5 Brits admitted they were planning on curbing the amount they spend on the Christmas meal due to rising food costs, with roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, and even the turkey all in the running to be cut back or removed from this year’s spread, despite being among the most popular elements of the meal.

Aldi has announced the Price Lock ahead of November, when over a quarter of Brits (26%) start buying food for the Christmas day meal.

However almost 1 in 5 (17%) of those surveyed admit they’re spreading the cost of the big day, starting to stock up on items in the sales, with chocolate, wine, and Christmas pudding topping the list of items already stashed away.

A breakdown of the Aldi Christmas Price Lock items can be seen below:

Richard Thornton, Communications Director at Aldi UK commented:“At Aldi we believe that everyone should get to enjoy an amazing Christmas, which is why we’re introducing the Aldi Christmas Price Lock. Our research shows cost is a major factor when it comes to choosing food options and by locking the prices of key staples at the level they were in 2022, it will help our customers up and down the country enjoy the Christmas dinner they deserve with the ones they love.”

Thanks to Aldi’s Christmas Price Lock, Brits can now enjoy the Christmas dinner they deserve, for the same price as last year, with the nation’s favourite Christmas dinner items, turkey and pigs in blankets making the list. This comes in just as Aldi has been named the cheapest supermarket for the 16th consecutive month, by Consumer group Which?.

Now that Aldi shoppers can invite the same amount of people as last year, who would be the dream person at the table? The research found Sir David Attenborough voted as the most desired person to share a meal with (25%), followed by Stephen Fry (16%) and David Beckham (12%). What’s more, 6% said they’d invite Tyson Fury, beating Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears.  

Products which form the Aldi Price Lock are available across the following dates this festive period:

  • Turkey available from 19th December
  • Holly Lane Christmas Pudding 400g available in stores now
  • Butcher’s Select Pigs in Blankets available from 24th November
  • Super Six Festive Vegetables available from 18thDecember