Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £1,498 to Hereford Bowling Club, which will go towards refurbishment, equipment and marketing for their organisation.

Hereford Bowling Club is a historic club which dates back as far as 1484, and gives members a place to practice and play the game of bowls. The Club has a long and varied history which spans centuries, with its present members proud to continue the tradition.

Though located in the centre of Hereford City, the Bowling Green is a hidden gem of tranquillity, offering members a scenic and entertaining escape. Bowls can be a competitive and casual sport, and has the valuable quality of being accessible for anyone to join in and play.

The grant will primarily go towards Hereford Bowling Club market towards encouraging younger people to play, as the sport currently has many older members. We hope that this helps maintain the Club and ensuring its future as a significant asset to our City.

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