Sarah and Dan from Hereford have had a traumatic week after their four month old daughter Luna was taken into hospital with Bronchitis.

Here are a few words from a family friend:

“Hi all, little baby Luna is just 4 months old and has fallen extremely poorly with bronchitis. Just a few days after Christmas she was taken into Hereford County Hospital in a very unstable condition but due to the current pandemic only her Mum Sarah was allowed to be by her side.

“Things however took a turn for the worse and Dan was able to be there for Luna and Sarah. Luna has since been transferred to Stoke Hospital which is over three hours away and is in a stable but very critical condition.

“She is fully sedated and on ventilation. She now has three separate viruses and two heart conditions due to the huge strain and exhaustion her body is going through. She may also require operations at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“As you can imagine right now is an horrendous time for Sarah and Dan and the last thing we want is for them to have to worry about money, especially with four other children to provide for and a three hour journey to Stoke for Dan to see his little girl.

”Money doesn’t grow on trees to pay for fuel and accommodation as well as their usual bills and we want Dan to be with his baby rather than having to work every day to keep heads above water. It’s going to be weeks before they even think about moving Luna closer to home and she has a very long road ahead of her but she is a strong tough little cookie.

“Please if you can help in anyway at all just a small donation will go a long way for this beautiful family!”

You can donate to support them family by visiting –