Do you like board or video games? Do you like things that are free? Herefordshire Board Gamers would like to invite you to their weekly online game nights, where they play board games, video games and role playing games (RPGs).  They have a lending library with over 120 board games for you to borrow and play at home.

Herefordshire Board Gamers is a gaming and fundraising community founded four years ago as part of a charity event. They’ve raised £8,000 for Herefordshire Mind and run over 100 free events. Since March they have really stepped up their game. The team have run an extra 70 events, becoming weekly. They have also increased the lending library from 30 titles to over 120.

The community are currently meeting online only and play a wide range of games. Almost all are free and only need a browser.  They also regularly run RPGs (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play) and have recently started playing video games such as Among Us. They mainly play modern games like Codenames, Just One, Wingspan and One Night Werewolf  but all games are welcome and they can help you find like-minded players. Herefordshire Board Gamers have a friendly and active community on Facebook and Discord.

Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary. They are confident that they can find the right game for you and will teach and support you both with the games and any technical issues.

There is a lot of information and guides available on the Herefordshire Board Gamers website. Visit –