An unforgettable flight on the world’s fastest seated zip line! A new adventure to the Zip World roster, you could be one of the first to fly the Phoenix this spring 2021, whilst soaking in the incredible views of the Rhigos mountain range. Thrill-seekers will embark upon 2 separate zip zones with 4 parallel lines, as you soar your way across the historical coal mining Tower Colliery site. Not one to be missed this 2021! Ideal for families, adrenaline junkies over the age of 7.

Home to Phoenix and the Tower Coaster, Zip World Tower is the 4th Zip World site to open, and is the 1st to be situated in south Wales. Nestled in the Rhigos mountain range, and boasting stunning panoramic views, this adventure hub is situated at the old Tower Colliery coal mining site, and had created a new lease of life for this historic and widely-loved base.

Phoenix is the world’s fastest seated zip line, with 4 parallel lines in 2 separate zip zones. This zip line will see you flying across the Welsh countryside. The Tower Coaster is the only of its kind in Europe, boasting a side-by-side kart, making it possible for two people to ride at once.

Enjoy the beautiful facilities and refreshments at Tower’s Adventure Terminal, where you can check-in, kit-up, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the wonderfully restored Colliery site, where old meets new.

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