Can you help Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue find loving homes for these four wonderful dogs?

Rolo – Staffy – 3 years old

Oh Rolo, we love the very special bones of you! 

Unfortunately, due to irresponsible breeding, Rolo has entropion to both of her eyes. 

This is an uncomfortable condition where her eyelids roll inwards. Before she can have surgery she will need to find herself a lovely foster home or forever home that is willing to see her through her operation.

Ideally her home will be based in Herefordshire, willing and able to transport Rolo to our vets for her surgery and any after care appointments required. 

Rolo is the sweetest, beautiful little girl but can be quite anxious at times which most likely stems from her previous life. 

Rolo will need;

An adult home.

A pet free home.

Someone experienced with owning dogs previously, staffy experience would be fantastic. 

A home where someone is around for the majority of the time as she wouldn’t like to be left alone for too long. 

A home with a good sense of humour, Rolo is quite the character!

If you are in a position to and feel you can offer Rolo a loving and caring foster/forever home we would love to hear from you.

Please give us a call directly on 01568 760033.

Zumi – Lurcher – 3 years old

There really is something very special about this young man, he has been in our care for so long that he’s become a huge part of the furniture but we would absolutely love for him to find his special person/family.

Sadly in his previous home he suffered badly from separation anxiety so will need a home where there’s someone around lots. 

In time and with training it’s possible that this can improve but will be a gradual progression.

As with most lurcher breeds, Zumi can run like the wind, we think he’s probably crossed with a kangaroo too! 

We are looking for an experienced lurcher owner who can continue Zumi’s training and socialisation to help him fulfil his potential. 

He’s an incredibly clever young man who enjoys attention and affection, he also gives the most wonderful hugs. 

A home without any other pets will be essential as sadly Zumi can be reactive towards other animals, any children in the home must be 10 years +.

Zumi’s perfect home would be a semi-rural home where he can go on lots of lovely walks with his loving companion/s.

If you feel you can offer this beautiful young man a forever loving home we would love to hear from you. 

Please give us a call on 01568 760033.

William – Bull lurcher – Approx 2 years old

William = perfectly imperfect! 

Can you believe this young man still hasn’t found his forever home!!?

Quite possibly the sweetest and funniest boy on the planet. 

He might look a bit tough but deep down he has a beautiful, gentle soul. He has eyes you can get lost in.

Ok he does love to do zoomies but we try our best to limit this, you see, William has an old break to his back leg.

The break in his leg has healed and doesn’t cause him any pain but we are cautious to let him go too crazy. 

Unfortunately we think it’s his old damaged leg that has put people off adopting him, it does look a bit odd but it certainly doesn’t hold our gorgeous boy back in any way. 

We are desperate for our special boy to find himself a loving home who can truly appreciate how amazing he is.  

Williams ideal home will be pet free, he has had no issues with other dogs but could become excitable if living in the same home as another dog and this could cause extra pressure on his leg. 

A fairly calm and quiet home with a good sized garden where William can potter/zoom about safely without necessarily needing to go for long daily walks would be perfect.

If you would like to find out more about William please give us a call directly on 01568 760033.

Faith – ‘Pocket bully’  – Approx 3 years old

Faith has been so brave and we are so proud of her progress although it breaks our hearts that she still crawls on her belly when she meets new people. 

Faith is the sweetest little poppet, very submissive but as soon as she realises she can trust you she wants to be attached to you, she desperately craves attention, kindness and love.

Faith had the most horrendous inner ears on arrival to HWAR, recurring untreated ear infections has led to them becoming so awful.

Over the past few months our vets have been superb, Faith has been on medication and daily cleaning to help treat her ears and although there’s been a huge improvement she will soon undergo a procedure to flush her ears and treat the nasty bacteria. 

*Faith measures way under the minimum height requirements so is NOT considered xl bully/type.

We will still of course be searching for a very experienced dog owner and lover. Ideally an adult family who can cherish this young lady and protect her.

A pet free home will be required as she will not want to share her home with any other animals. 

A home within Herefordshire (or reasonable travelling distance) would be perfect so Faith can remain under the care of our vets for any further treatment needed for her ears.

If you would like to enquire about this beautiful young lady we would love to hear from you, please give us a call directly on 01568 760033.