A Morrisons worker who has been recognised as bringing smiles to the faces of the community of Hereford is Your Herefordshireā€™s Community Champion for November.

Scott Owen Morgan has spent the past couple of months welcoming customers into the Morrisons store in Hereford. His welcoming presence has certainly brought a smile to many, during a very difficult time for us all.

Unfortunately weā€™ve been unable to get a photo of Scott due to company rules but anyone that has visited Morrisons recently will certainly know him!

Some of the comments weā€™ve received about Scott can be found below:

Paul Bowley: ā€œI went there yesterday to sum him up in one word. Legend.ā€

Dawn Scull: ā€œHe is incredible, such a happy bloke!ā€

Janette Anne: ā€œHe just made my day – definitely an excellent ambassador for Morrisons! Definitely a triple pay rise for him!ā€

Well done and thank you Scott, from all the team at Your Herefordshire.