Hereford Community Clean Up Group last week signed an agreement with Arriva Trains Wales to clear, clean and maintain the raised shrubbery beds at Hereford Railway Station.

It was a member of the group, Jane Denny, who first raised the problem of the overgrown and unsightly raised planters at Hereford Railway Station. She, along with other members of the group, contacted Arriva Trains Wales (who are responsible for the stations upkeep) and arranged to meet them to discuss what could be done about the eyesore that Hereford Station had become in recent years. After numerous meetings, health and safety briefings and site visits, the voluntary group have now signed an agreement with the transport giant to take responsibility for the station’s flower beds.

The community group goes from strength to strength, attracting the sponsorship of many local businesses. This week O H Mower Services of Sweetmans Yard, generously donated a large amount of hand gardening tools to help the volunteers in their efforts to restore the raised beds to their former glory, and make Hereford Railway Station a joy to stop at.