There has been much talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic will hit the high street. Many shops including Outfit and Debenhams have confirmed their stores in Hereford will be closing but perhaps independent outlets are the way forward?

Here are a selection of new businesses, from retail to restaurants, that will be opening in Hereford over the coming months….

Korean BBQ – Old Market Hereford

This local independent restaurant will be releasing more details about its launch over the coming weeks so keep your eye on Your Herefordshire for further details.

Signs have been put up on the former Chimichanga unit and work is underway to transform the restaurant ready for its opening.

Korean Barbecue is the popular method of grilling meat right at the table. How cool is that? Hereā€™s what happens when you go out for Korean BBQ:

You sit down, you order your meats and sides, they come to the table. You grill them, dip or top them in dipping sauce then eat them up. You grill your meats at your table as how you wanted. Everything is smoky, meaty, savoury, and delicious! You will LOVE going for Korean barbecue ā€“ grilling and chatting right at your table. You will like the interactive part of it and the meat and drinks. Sounds fun right?!

The Yorkshire Wrap – Widemarsh Street Hereford

Opening soon on Widemarsh Street in Hereford, The Yorkshire Wrap will have delightful meat and veg all piled into a wrap for you to enjoy. The focus will be on beef, pork and turkey, alongside delicious vegetables. We expect to see plenty of locals enjoying this place!

Saxtys Bar & Club – Widemarsh Street Hereford

Coming soon, when able can open safely. Black Rock Grill, meat cooked exactly the way you like it.

Simply choose your meat from a choice of 28 day aged, locally sourced, selection of cuts and it will be delivered to your table sizzling on a volcanic stone at 450 degrees, with all the accompaniments like homemade chips, onion rings and a selection of sauces. Turn and cut the meat to get your desired flavour and colour.

If you fancy something different head chef Martin Carter has a selection of his signature dishes from fish, poultry and vegetarian, all cooked fresh to order.

If you are after a more casual meal, they will also have the small plates menu, little plates of tasty foods from around the world to enjoy on your own or order a few and share with friends and family. Sunday dinner will be the roast to beat, plentiful, fresh and with a twist. A choice of roasted meats and sirloin cooked the way you like, crisp roast potatoes seasoned and local vegetables freshly cooked.

In keeping with Saxtys great reputation there is a wine and cocktail menu to match the dining offer, as well as local and national beers and spirits.

Saxtys has undergone a tasteful refurbishment and the team are looking forward to welcoming you in May once the restrictions have been eased.

Hey, Honey – Church Street

This retail store will be moving round the corner from it’s current spot and onto Church Street, which will mean it’s located in the heart of Hereford City. Featuring local honey, health & beauty products, bee-related gifts, treats, homeware & beekeeping supplies. Percentage of proceeds from sales go to UK Bee conservation.

Cult Vintage – Maylord Shopping Centre

Local Independent outlet Cult Vintage will be hopping across from Maylord Orchards, just across the square into the former Topshop building.

This will be their permanent home following a six month lease at their former location.

Hayley from Cult Vintage told us that Herefordshire Council have been extremely supportive and that the unit she leaves behind wonā€™t be empty for too long.

Cult Vintage is extremely popular with students and they have plenty of fashion accessories waiting for festival season!

PEP Clinic Academy – Widemarsh Street

The building previously occupied by Vintage Emporium in Widemarsh Street will be replaced by a new business on the 19th April 2021.

The PEP Clinic Academy was first established in 2016 and the team will be moving to their new premises shortly.

Owner Cassandra Lewis told Your Herefordshire.

ā€œItā€™s great to be opening a salon and training academy in the city centre. There are so many incredible talented girls all under one roof offering their own specialist treatmentsā€

The centre will also include Brow Tattooist Lucie Anker and Beauty Therapist Jo Atkinson.

Aesthetician Sarah Thompson-Line and Nail Artist Marie Hughes will also be based at the new centre.