A new coffee shop and tattoo studio has opened its doors in Hereford city centre.

The Sacred Brew has opened on the ground floor of the recently refurbished building on Eign Gate.

The uppers floor is home to a tattoo parlour.

Peter Masters, a popular figure in Hereford, is behind the project, and Matt from Your Herefordshire visited the Sacred Brew earlier today (Monday) to take a look around.

He was certainly impressed.

The work that has been carried out makes this prominent building in Hereford city centre stand out once again. It is passed by thousands of vehicles and pedestrians every day, so it really is great to see the building loved.

With tea, coffee and plenty of cans available, it really is the perfect pit stop, at very reasonable prices.

There are also sweet treats such as doughnuts. 

Peter explained recently in a video on his social media page that the name ‘Sacred Brew’ comes from his travels in places such as Afghanistan, where you would sit and have a cuppa, during events such as a ceasefire.

We wish Peter and the team all the very best.