Want to know more about what the City Council and their Councillors do? Perhaps you have an interest in benefiting the community and are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor yourself?

A City Councillorā€™s primary role is to represent their ward and the people who live in it. Councillors provide a bridge between the community and the council. City Councillors are elected public servants who are not paid, so their interests in becoming a Councillor are based purely on their desire to better their City.

By becoming a parish Councillor you become someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support, a community leader with the power to influence decisions for the benefit of the people you serve. Seeing your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped make, is something that can give you a sense of achievement and pride.

There’s much more information to be found on the Hereford City Council website: http://herefordcitycouncil.gov.uk/your-city/who-we-are/