Steve Ward and his wife Fran are both keen golfers and members at The Herefordshire Golf Club. Steve himself has played golf for 50 years and it came as a surprise when he was searching the undergrowth on the 13th hole at The Herefordshire Golf Club, when his wife Fran shouted out to him to say the ball was actually in the hole! This was Steve’s first hole in one in 50 years and a fantastic achievement on the way to winning the Beaumont Cup with his wife Fran in the Mixed Pairs Competition.

We spoke to Steve who had the following to say:

“My hole in one was quite a moment for myself as I have been playing golf for over 50 years and this was my first one!

“From the tee I thought the ball had rolled off the back of the green, as it suddenly disappeared and I was busy searching the undergrowth behind the 13th green when my wife Fran suggested that I might care to look in the hole, where she had just unexpectedly found it!

“Cause for celebration indeed! In fact it turned out to be a double celebration as Fran and I went on to win the Beaumont Cup that day having scored 46 points between us in the mixed pairs competition.

“I have been a member at The Herefordshire Golf Club for over 21 years and I think that we are now entering very exiting times. Things had to change at the club as we were slowly dying, despite some valiant attempts by various heroic volunteers to keep us afloat.

“The new owners have some interesting new ideas and have kicked off well with a great new pro (James Heath) and assistants, proactive management and excellent staff. I look forward to the opening of the remodelled clubhouse and the new Causeway restaurant.

“The club appears to be growing its membership and it’s good to encourage more younger players and ladies to join the club. Things are looking up at the Herefordshire!”

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