Hereford Rugby Club will be looking to return to winning ways this weekend when they entertain Kidderminster Carolians at Wyeside. We caught up with Tom Ewins earlier today to gather his thoughts ahead of the weekend.

Q) You face bottom side Kidderminster Carolians on Saturday. Do you expect to comfortably win the game or do you expect a battle?

A) In terms of league position you would expect it to be a comfortable game but I believe that no game in our league is comfortable and we will treat them like any other side. Going into games with the right attitude is key to a successful team so we try and prepare for each game as if it was a top of the league clash. 

Q) A disappointing defeat at Kenilworth last week. What will the team be focusing on to ensure a better result this weekend?

A) I think we will be focusing more this week on our attacking play. We are able to keep teams at bay with our defence but we struggled to create chances last weekend. So maybe expect a more fast paced flowing game of rugby this weekend.

Q) Which player has been the stand out performer this season?

A) I think it’s hard to name just one, but two players stand out this year. The first player would be Ewan Duncan. He brings so much energy to a game of rugby and this passes through the team on a weekly basis. His defence alone has won us very tough games as he is not afraid to get stuck in when the going gets tough. Secondly I would have to say Jamie Hodges. Jamie has given us so much this year already, his strength in the scrums has given us good field position but paired with a fast, strong physicality around the pitch has been monumental for us this season. Both these players have contributed immensely to our form this year. 

Q) If you could give non-rugby fans in Hereford a reason to make a trip down to Wyeside, what would it be?

A) Hereford Rugby Club is a friendly place. Not only can you watch a good game of rugby but there is a strong sense of community within the club. This flows from players to supporters to parents and children of all ages who come to train and play. If you were to visit wyeside you would be welcomed with a cold pint of beer and a bunch of friendly faces.