They’ve almost done it! Hereford Rowing Club have almost travelled the entire distance from Hereford (UK) to Hereford (USA).

Since the decision was made to cancel the annual Regatta earlier this month, over 135 club members and their families have been involved in the effort to travel the distance between Hereford (UK) and Hereford (USA) aiming to raise over £7,623 for the club and NHS charities in the process.

So far, it’s been an epic journey, and whilst a team challenge there have been some outstanding individual contributions including;
???? Inigo Shorrock – Erg Marathon
???? Jason Lee – 50k Erg
???? Dwayne Cadwallader – 50k Erg
???? George Fraser -33k Erg
????‍♂️ Charlie H-L -Half Marathon
????‍♂️ Trevor pretty- Half Marathon

So far the club has rowed, walked, cycled and run over 21 million metres making it all the way to the USA and back, but it’s not over yet and the club still need your support.
Entering the final weekend there are still 662,818 meters to travel on indoor rowing machines.

Super Saturday will see members compete to achieve personal challenges, marathons, half marathons as well as time and distance challenges before wrapping up the day with a virtual club evening, charity auction & BBQ over zoom.

Find out more and donate here ????