Former Hereford United Sportsmans Club Steward John Powell has passed away aged 94.

John was a life long supporter of Hereford United/FC and as well as being the former steward of the sportsmans club he was a top local darts player.

John also managed the HUSC team and travelled thousands of miles supporting the club across the county.

Your Herefordshire Director Matt Healey paid tribute to John:

“He was a larger than life character and loved the football club.

“I remember a supporter telling me a story about the evening when Hereford United beat Wrexham 2-1 to win the Welsh Cup in 1990. The legend goes during the celebrations back at Edgar Street that evening, John got hold of the trophy and went through the optics pouring alcohol into the trophy.

“He invited supporters to drink from it to celebrate the win”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.