If anything has been proven over the past 48 hours, it’s that those that own Premier League clubs, particularly those in the big six, couldn’t care less about the loyal supporters that follow their clubs home and away across the country. The high and lows, from league titles to relegations, supporters remain loyal.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Premier League is a good watch. From Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side that dominated the Premier League last year, to Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side that have changed the identity of English football and who can forget Sir Alex Ferguson’s dominance of football with Manchester United?

Football in England is very much based on a pyramid system. A system that sees the wealth at the top, slowly filtered down to grassroots. Not enough reaches grassroots, but the plans for a European Super League could see even less money reaching those at the bottom of the pyramid. It’s easy for people to ignore this while watching their beloved clubs from their sofa at home, but the likes of Jamie Vardy and Jarrod Bowen both started their careers at grassroots level and their progress in the game was helped by getting game time at clubs lower down the pyramid.

For many, the social aspect of attending football is far more important than the result itself. Beers and a catch up with friends, the banter, the joy of winning and the despair of losing, all shared by friends that travel the country together. It’s something that many of us have missed dearly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Herefordshire we are absolutely blessed to have some fantastic local clubs and it really is impossible to name them all. From the Shobdon’s of this world, to Kington Town, Ross Juniors, Westfields, Hereford Lads Club, Pegasus and Hereford FC. These clubs provide a place for men, women and children to enjoying watching or playing football and they need your support.

Spending £10 at your local club means an awful lot more to your local community than a subscription to watch a Premier League club on Sky Sports.

Your Herefordshire is committed to supporting grassroots football in Herefordshire.