Hereford Lads Club will be looking to return to winning ways this weekend with a trip to New College Swindon.

We’ve managed to catch up with Stephen Ellerton ahead of tomorrow’s match.

Q) A frustrating result on Tuesday with a number of players missing due to injury. Are any of them back and how do you go about getting back to winning ways this weekend?

A) Yes a frustrating result on Tuesday. I think their game plan was to sit behind the ball and hit us on the counter attack. We have had a few injuries of late long term and short term plus some suspensions but you have to get on with it and that’s the purpose of having a big squad who you can rely on & trust in times like these. Long term ones ( Kiea & Daws ) no unfortunately but short term injuries hopefully yes some may be back. To get back to winning ways we need to keep playing football and be a bit more creative at times. We also need to be more clinical in front of goal. There were a few tired players on Tuesday due to the quantity of games we’ve had lately and with the intensity of those games, but you have to get past these barriers in front of you and we have the quality in the squad to do so.

Q) Do you think the injuries you seem to be picking up are to do with the pitch or just simply bad luck?

A) A bit of both really getting an injury as a player is always bad luck whatever the case. As for the pitch only the players can answer that one but some have said it does take its toll at times.

Q) You’ve had some great attendances recently. Does this push you on and give you even more desire to get promotion?

A) The publicity and attendances have been brilliant for the club on the whole, both from youth level right up to senior level. Getting promotion is priority for us to move forward as a club. Having publicity and good attendance levels is a massive bonus for the club which helps us to get promoted so it goes hand in hand really. As long as we have the desire and passion to reach our goals I’m sure the media and attendees will have the same desire and passion to cover and watch the games. So yes it does give us more incentive to get promotion.

Q) One thing we noticed on Tuesday night was how well you did defensively at times. Do you believe the defence and goalkeeper get the credit they deserve?

A) We try to defend as a team, but the back 4/5 do a great job and they get a lot of credit where necessary. It’s all about clean sheets, not conceding and if we do that’s not just the defenders fault it’s the teams fault collectively.

Q) Danny Moon and the management team deserve huge credit for competing in a league that has plenty of clubs that pay players to play. What gives you the edge over your rivals?

A) Mooner for me is the best coach in the county by a mile but then I’m very biased, however there are many outside the club who think that as well. Mooner doesn’t just coach his players he improves them as players also. He can be very hard and straight to the point but it’s very effective in many ways. Rich does a lot of work in the background and works very hard at it which all helps. As for me I just mop up the little bits left over but we work as a team to get things right for the boys which is important. As for the paying players side of things, that’s part and parcel of the game these days unfortunately and I think some players loyalty to the club goes amiss though I can understand why some players do it. I wouldn’t say it gives us an edge but unless you understand the spirit and desire of the management team and players here it’s hard to explain. As I said before about Mooner’s coaching, he demands 120%  effort, passion and desire off his players, which he gets and I suppose money can’t buy that. So if that’s an edge, long may it last hopefully.