Hereford FC has announced the appointment of HUST Nominated Director, Joanie Roberts, to the HFC board.

Joanie is a Digital CEO, running her own online digital businesses, and experienced Director with a wealth of experience in the Communication, Hospitality and Customer Service sectors.

Joanie is well known around Edgar Street having been a keen volunteer since 2015, initially supporting the Board in raising the Clubs profile to the wider Community at the start of Hereford FC, organising both Player Testimonials for Rob Purdie & Ryan Green, being the driving force behind the Supporters Trust in its fundraising and is more recently known, around the world, as a regular voice on Radio Hereford FC. 

Andrew Graham, Chair of HFC, said “As a Board, we believe that Joanie would be a positive addition to the boardroom and will add to the positive environment that we currently have. With Joanie’s acceptance, we will look to utilise her skills to ensure that we have enhanced interaction with Sponsors, more information updates for shareholders and Supporters groups and a more ‘joined up’ engagement with our Community. 

“I have always said that we need, as a Board, to communicate more effectively, whilst understanding that as volunteers, with many more Club responsibilities, this is not always possible, to the level we would desire. Joanie, will be committed to changing this.”

Joanie added “This is a challenging time for the Club and fans alike but it is important that communication is key to engagement with all of the stakeholders involved with the Club and importantly the fans and volunteers. 

“This is an exciting opportunity in times of uncertainty and I’m looking forward to helping shape what will be the new normal for our Club.”

Joanie will take up the post immediately and has already started to implement positive changes. 

The HFC board is now represented by Andrew Graham, Rob Crawford, Peter Churchus, Tony Taylor and Joanie Roberts.  There are two additional Director spaces which will be filled in due course.

📷 – Nibbo