Hereford FC have increased their season ticket costs for the 23/24 season, but by only a small amount, with the club understanding that supporters are facing the difficulty of the cost of living crisis.

In an update on the official website, Hereford FC Chairman Chris Ammonds said:

“Dear Bulls fans,

“Over the past couple of weeks, I have been involved in agreeing the season ticket and matchday admission prices for the club for the first time. I am not afraid to admit that I have found the process very difficult because, as a Board, we have been trying to balance the need to increase prices to address the rising costs at Edgar Street due to inflation, against a desire not to hit supporters in the pocket given the wider cost of living issues being faced by people right across the country.  

“We know that our supporters are the lifeblood of this club and the last thing we want to do is price fans out of supporting their team. 

“In the end, we have settled on a pricing plan that on average increases season ticket prices by around 6% and matchday admission prices by approximately 8.3%. Season tickets continue to offer significant savings when compared to attending on a match-by-match basis, particularly if you are in a position to take advantage of the ‘early bird’ offers, and as has been said many times before, early season ticket sales have a very positive impact on plans being made for the season ahead. 

“Having increased prices, we are in no doubt that we must now do our bit at the club in terms of working as hard as possible to maximise commercial returns across all areas. We need to be innovative moving forward and while not ignoring the more traditional avenues, we will also be looking for new ways to increase income and boost the playing budget. 

“The increases announced are brought in with a heavy heart, but we feel they are necessary if we are to provide our new manager with a budget that is going to be competitive. In reality, the increase we have settled on does not come close to covering the additional costs the club is dealing with, but we do not feel it is fair to increase the prices any more than we have chosen to.  

“Just to give a little insight into the costs of operating Edgar Street, which while absolutely magnificent is beginning to show its age, I thought it worth sharing the following: 

  • Our utility bills for 2022/23 have risen to more than £47,500 (and these would be much higher were we not currently on a fixed rate energy deal) 
  • It costs around £2300 to simply be allowed to open the ground on a matchday for each home fixture (our stewarding requirements are much more rigorous than many other clubs in the National League North) 
  • We expect the infrastructure improvements required this summer to retain our safety certificate to cost between £15,000 and £25,000. 

“I am on a steep learning curve and while some of the decisions I’ve already been involved in have been really difficult, I reassure you that decisions are being made with the best interests of the club and its supporters at their heart. 

“As a Board, we genuinely appreciate the sacrifices supporters may make elsewhere to support the team that represents us all and I would like to put on record my personal thanks for the support I have been offered in the past few weeks. 

“I continue to believe that the potential for our football club remains huge and am committed to playing my part in moving it forward positively once again. I fully understand that a price increase will be hard to take and that we are likely to receive criticism in some quarters following the announcement. I accept that.  

“However, I do believe we have done all we can to strike a balance between the needs of the club and the issues being faced by our supporters during these unique and challenging times economically. To that end, we are for the first time offering an option to buy a season ticket in three instalments – more news will follow on this – and we will also be looking to develop this offering still further for future campaigns. 

“Thank you once again for your support and please do commit early to the 2023/24 season if you feel you can – it can and does make a huge difference. 

“All the best,

“‘Stig’ (Chris).”

Below are the Early bird prices for next season’s season tickets.