Hereford FC Community has linked up with Joel Edwards and First Step Footy.

Hereford FC announced the news earlier today and said:

Joel Edwards and Matt Ashcroft have been working together for a number of years through All-Star Activities. Both have experience educating young people and playing football at a professional level seemed to be the ideal solution to develop young children in sports participation specializing in football.

Community Engagement Mangar Jonathan Nash added “We are really excited about the partnership link between us and First Step Footy. They have been doing some great work in the county and with our support, they can keep growing as an organization. It’s great to have the ex-player and captain of Hereford FC who is well respected delivering football to the next generation of players in the county. “

First Step Footy added “We are delighted with our newly formed link with Hereford FC, it offers some exciting opportunities and experiences for our little stars. With it being First Step Footy’s 5th birthday this month, collaboration with Hereford FC is the perfect way to celebrate.”