Leominster Town Football Club members discover signs of anti-social behaviour at Bridge Street in Leominster.

Mel Bird commenter on The People or Leominster Facebook Group saying:

“Do you know what your teenagers are up to?

As members of LTFC we were called to Bridge Street tonight with reports of antisocial behaviour. We spend £1000s maintaining Bridge Street as football pitches, and yet we are, faced with this, time and time again.

Our managers have to walk the field before training can start so it is safe. It is an open space but antisocial behaviour is not acceptable.

If your children gather there, please please ask them to collect their rubbish up, if it is put by the bin the council will collect it.

Instead, one of our parents goes there every morning and fills 3-4 bin bags with broken glass, cans, bbqs, gas cannisters etc. FA football training has just been allowed to start again after lock down, we don’t want to be clearing up every night, we want to be playing football. Thank you.”